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The Complete Letters, Volume I, by Fyodor Dostoevsky

Edited and translated by David Lowe and Ronald Meyer


"A potent mixture of spontaneous patter, soul-searching, manic highs and lows, these letters are as Dostoevskian as anything the great Russian novelist every wrote. Lowe, translator of Turgenev's letters, and Meyer, co-editor of Russian Literature of the Twenties, have produced an excellent translation that captures the rough-hewn, galvanized style of the originals."

Publishers Weekly


"The Lowe and Meyer translation provides an invaluable service to a different reading population. The translation by the two American scholars gives Dostoevsky enthusiasts who do not read Russia access to Dostoevsky's personality, captures on the printed page, without the intervention of a biographer. The Lowe and Meyer volume makes available to the English-speaking world of Dostoevskii studies the fruits of the latest Dostoevsky scholarship on Dostoevsky's correspondence. […] The editor-translators of this first volume of translated Dostoevskii letters are to be congratulated for the success of their enterprise. We can eagerly look forward to the future tomes."

Slavic Review, Winter 1989